Visit to Ritigala Ruins (Half Day)

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Located north of Sigiriya lies the remains of a unique forest monastery called Ritigala, and the site for this half-day tour. It sits within a thick parcel of forest on a sloping mountainside, protected within the Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve.  The area is completely magical and mysterious, with some of the ruins having been restored and others left in ruin.  What’s most unusual is the lack of residential areas, leading to believe the monks must have lived in the caves scattered through the area.  The road leading up to the ruins of the monastery are in a poor condition; however it’s a bumpy but exciting drive through lush tropical forest home to large variety of birdlife.  The ruins are about an hour’s walk from the main entrance and this is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the solitude a remoteness of this enigmatic location. We recommend that you visit Ritigala in the morning when it’s at it’s most peaceful.

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